Guildford Nursing Home


Guildford Management Pty Ltd

as at October 2021

Guildford Nursing Home
250 Railway Terrace GUILDFORD 2161

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Guildford Nursing Home

Are you considering permanent care, respite care, convalescent care, or dementia-focused care for your elderly loved one at Guildford Nursing Home ?

You may be seaching for an immediate vacancy at a similar aged care home close to GUILDFORD ?

Aged Care Placement can provide an independant and experienced comparison of Guildford Nursing Home, including services delivered and the financials, in relation to other aged care homes around GUILDFORD.

Aged Care Placement is a respected residential care placement service and can assist you immediately.

250 Railway Terrace , GUILDFORD , 2161, NSW

Beds: 92

Category: Private Incorporated Body

Registered Provider:
Guildford Management Pty Ltd

Guildford Nursing Home Accreditation Status:
Accreditation Report
source: Aged Care Quality Agency

RAD / DAP Calculator

RAD / DAP Calculator - effective 1st October 2021

        Select RAD Amount: $

Use the slider to enter the lump sum of the RAD
to calculate the DAP to be paid.


        Lump Sum of RAD Paid : $

DAP Payment:$20.20 per day

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Current interest rate (MPIR) is: 4.01% pa (effective 1st October 2021)

MPIR down to 4.01% on 1/10/2021

The Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR) will be reducing to 4.01% pa from 1st October 2021

MPIR Chart

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