Leahurst Home For Aged Trained Nurses

Leahurst Home For Aged Trained Nurses
502 Magill Road MAGILL 5072

Leahurst Home For Aged Trained Nurses

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Are you considering permanent care, respite care, convalescent care, or dementia-focused care for your elderly loved one at Leahurst Home For Aged Trained Nurses ?

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Aged Care Placement can provide an independant and experienced comparison of Leahurst Home For Aged Trained Nurses, including services delivered and the financials, in relation to other aged care homes around MAGILL.

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502 Magill Road , MAGILL , 5072, SA

Beds: 7

Category: Community Based

Registered Provider:
Leahurst Home for Aged Trained Nurses Inc

Leahurst Home For Aged Trained Nurses Accreditation Status:
Accreditation Report
source: Aged Care Quality Agency

RAD / DAP Calculator

RAD / DAP Calculator - effective 1st July 2021

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DAP Payment:$20.20 per day

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Current interest rate (MPIR) is: 4.04 % pa (effective 1st July 2021)

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Our team at Aged Care Placement have detailed knowledge and experience in all aspects of the aged care placement process and will make sure that you receive accurate and unbiased information.

We have developed trusted working relationships with many aged care accommodation providers and home care package providers.

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