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Aged Care Placement

We are an experienced Aged Care Placement Service.

We have been helping families with all aspects of residential aged care since 2002.

We have assisted more than 3,500 families through this emotional process.

Save your time and stress

We have been assisting families with residential aged care placement since 2002.

  • Simply let us know your aged care requirements.
  • Our friendly aged care specialists will assist you.
  • Reduce the chance of mistakes being made.

Aged Care Placement Consultants was established after observing the common difficulties and stresses that families encountered when they approached the task of placing a relative into residential care.

Each family:

  • Approached the task with similar needs and concerns.
  • Undertook the same research and activities - devoting their limited time and valuable effort during this emotional time.
  • Only to uncover the same information and make many of the same mistakes as families that had gone before them.

We recognised that there had to be a better way for the family to achieve a positive outcome.

Over the years, we have assisted many families with the move to community homes, assisted living, supported residential services and Commonwealth subsidised aged care accommodation.

We have knowledge, experience and industry contacts which can offer you immediate assistance.

If you need assistance, for your much-loved relative, contact our friendly team for a no obligation chat.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience about aged care placement and are proud of our positive contribution to many families during this important time.

Personalised Assistance

Assistance with all steps required for a successful aged care placement.

Accommodation Fee Negotiation

We can reduce the cost of accommodation by advocating and negotiating on your families behalf.

Relocation Management

Assistance with the dispersal of household items to family members, charities and removal prior to the sale or rental of the family home.


  Liz and Ron - thank you for the amazing job you've done for us. We cannot express enough what your assistance meant to us. You were a special blessing sent from heaven. Liz, I know we could never have managed without you. Our thanks and love to you both. - Gwen and Brian Newell | Sept 2020  

  We have just gone through the complicated process of settling my father into a room at an aged care home. Most people don't realise that the accommodation payment is totally negotiable. After being told that some families borrow money to cover the accommodation payment I searched the internet and found a business that negotiates the accommodation payment. Aged Care Homes negotiates the accommodation payment on behalf of the family and in our case the accommodation payment required was reduced to what was asked for originally, saving Dad $121,000. My understanding is they will also search and find a suitable place for your family member. I highly recommend the service. They are understanding and efficient, without being aggressive towards the facility they are dealing with. Just thought you may want the details to pass on to anyone who is going through the process of finding an aged care facility: Kerrin Peltzer  

  I must say how delighted we are with the aged care home, it is so wonderful. Mother is extremely happy and Brian and I are so impressed with the care. We cant thank you enough for all your help, its been wonderful and we really wouldnt be in this position now without you. I can return interstate to my own home with a much lighter heart - confident in mothers care and happiness. Sincere thanks and all the best: Lorraine Connell  

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Urgent Aged Care Placement

Need an immediate aged care placement?

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Aged Care Placement Consultants

Identifying Options

The family information session will provide you with up-to-date and unbiased information about all your local residential aged care options.

Finding the Care Home

The facility shortlist will help match the right aged care home to your individual family needs and preferences in a timely manner.

Negotiating Fees

The RAD Negotiation service has helped many families reduce the accommodation charges and any additional service fees.

Application Paperwork

Making sure that all necessary paperwork is completed correctly and submitted in a timely manner.

Settling In

We can assist with the settling in period to ensure that all items are fully covered.

Relocation Management

Relocation Management will help you carefully disperse, pack, clean, arrange transport and unpack.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care has increased awareness and increased activity of the Aged Care Quality Agency and recent media reports regarding Retirement Villages and aged care homes has reinforced the need to seek experienced assistance when placing a loved one into a Retirement Village, Serviced Apartment, SRS or Aged Care Home.

Royal Commission Aged Care

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What does the aged care placement consultant do ?

Almost Everything !

When you need to place an elderly relative into an aged care home, it can usually be a highly stressful time for families and carers. Families are not prepared for the work required to understand the current processes and the merits of alternative aged care providers.

  • Which is the most appropriate type of aged care home?
  • Which is the most affordable local aged care home?
  • What forms are we required to complete for the Department of Human Services and Centrelink?
  • What are the pre-requisites for making applications?
  • Do we have to be a guarantor for our Mother's fees and charges?

There also can be conflicting requirements and levels of participation from family members. Often the activity falls to a willing family member who may be left to complete the activities only to be faced with scrutiny if and when the process runs off the rails.

Moving into residential care is a situation most families will postpone for as long as possible until the point of necessity, often leaving minimum time to arrange the best outcome.

How can our aged care placement consultant help you?

We will find the right solution for your family, making sure that the appropriate residential aged care home (mainstream or dementia care) is secured in a timely manner.

The aged care placement process can be eased significantly with the help of a dedicated aged care placement consultant. The placement consultant has been through the process many times and has accumulated "inside" knowledge that is invaluable.

The placement consultant also has available constantly updated information about the relative merits of aged care providers, reputations either positive or negative and current vacancy registers and networks of local facility managers.

The Aged Care Placement Consultants team of dedicated professionals have in-depth knowledge about the residential aged care industry, and maintain excellent relationships with aged care facility providers. As an independent service, we provide unbiased advice that is unfettered and aligned to the specific circumstances of your requirements.

Proper planning and understanding should be undertaken to ease stresses and transition at what is a critical turning point in people’s lives. Planning should include obtaining information on the financial implications of entering residential care, gaining information on the facilities available in your area and ensuring Wills and Powers of Attorney and Guardianship are up-to-date.

Having detailed knowledge of local facilities, as well as current rules and regulations about the aged care placement process, our aged care placement consultants will find the appropriate aged care home faster, and one that is specially suited to your family requirements. Through our established relationships with many aged care homes, we are familiar with the profile of each home and, most importantly, we have advanced knowledge when vacancies become available. We receive weekly updates from all major residential aged care providers informing of their vacancies in various types of accommodation and financial requirments. Many aged care homes will simply inform internet directory websites that they have one continuing "vacancy" to ensure that they are listed in the directory, but this is rarely a realistic indication of the current vacancies.

We begin by taking the time to understand and document the unique requirements of your family and the person requiring care and accommodation and then by knowing the facilities and in-depth profile of each facility, our aged care placement consultants can determine which homes would best suit your needs and preferences, and make applications to these homes. Without the assistance of an aged care placement consultant, you or your carer would need to constantly phone the facilities of your choice to demonstrate your eagerness and commitment to obtaining a placement in that home.

Aged care homes will usually contact aged care placement consultants first - when they have vacancies, because they know that they will minimise their time by discussing availability with experienced and savvy industry participants.

Some of our aged care placement consultants have been employed as residential care admission coordinators for large aged care providers and therefore understand the aspects of placement from both the consumer and the provider perspectives.

Negotiate and advocate for your Family

Our aged care placement consultants will advocate on your family’s behalf and are able to assist with the complete placement process.

Our placement consultants complete all the necessary paperwork and application forms for entry into an aged care home which is helpful, as the applications can be quite daunting. we can also offer tips and guidelines to maximise you entitlements and minimise the cost of accommodation. We can help share the load at this crucial time, can significantly speed up the time it usually takes to find a placement at a suitable home, thereby easing the transition into residential care.

Family needs and preferences.

Placing a family member into care can be life changing - there are many factors – physical, social, psychological and financial – that may arise which families sometimes find too difficult to cope with by themselves. The stressess can be over whelming. Often family members can make assumptions about the needs of one another without having honest conversations and preparations in place. Families can become divided by their beliefs and opinions about what is ‘best’ for their elderly loved one.

It is not uncommon for various family members to each have their own opinion on which aged care home is more suitable. Also, there is often one family member who is responsible for the majority of the discussions , negotiations and practical support, but every family member wants their opinion considered when it comes to making choices. Such situations can result in family discussions. As aged care placement consultants we have seen it all - and our focus is solely on the best possible outcome for the person requiring residential care. We can be the circuit-breaker to restore harmony withing the family.

Aged Care Placement Consultants are specialist professionals who offer independent, non-judgmental service, which can explore the subtleties of each situation and offer caring support in addition to counselling and conflict resolution.

Resolving Feelings of Guilt

The ever increasing momentum that develops during this time may not end when you have finally found an aged care home for your loved one. In fact, it may signal a deeper guilt and remorse of placing a loved one in care. Guilt can sometimes be the hardest emotion to cope with. We have witnessed the positive benefits for a family member to have an experienced aged care placement consultant to share the deep feelings of guilt, when a elderly relative is placed into care.

Many psychologists support the theory that guilt is a learned emotion that we develop as we move out of childhood. It is not one of the basic emotions such as anger, fear or happiness. But whether it is something learned or inherent it is a tough emotion to manage. Discussing and sharing your feelings with a person who is experienced and empathetic will grealy relive these feelings.

Finding professional support may relieve you from negative beliefs and assist in providing coping skills. Such skills can successfully ontinue the loving companionship of a family’s journey toward their loved one’s end stages of life. The majority of placement consultants offer counselling and social support.

Why we are highly regarded among other placement consultants.

We have been placing residents into aged care homes for many years (the service was started in 2002) but are still respectful of the stress and conflict that families experience. We can make the process more manageable for you.

As experienced aged care placement consultants we are most happy for you to call for a chat and understand you may talk to a number of service providers before making your choice. You can be open in your discussions because, as health professionals, we have a strict and well regarded policy of confidentiality.

We receive continuing referrals from "word of mouth" of past families that we have helped, aged care providers, RSL organisations, legal firms and financial advisors.

We offer a package of services for one fixed price - this ensures that you are advised and aware of all the possible fees and costs up front.

Next Step ?

Finally it is important that you feel comfortable with the work that our aged care placement consultants will complete on your behalf. If you have any questions at all please let us know and we can help you get a great outcome.